Tearing Down the Stigma Surrounding Roller Derby, Part One

When I worked for the Edmonton Rush Lacrosse Club it was eye opening the struggle to sell a new’ish sport to someone who has never watched it before. It was double the struggle to get a new fan to come to a second game if they could not immediately sound knowledgeable about the sport. WellContinue reading “Tearing Down the Stigma Surrounding Roller Derby, Part One”

ECBC Connor Burns Interview

There is still a chance of baseball in Edmonton in 2020. The Edmonton Collegiate Trappers (ECBC) are still awaiting word from Canadian College Baseball Conference (CCBC) in regards to their pending fall schedule. Instead of re-hashing an old interview with ECBC Head Coach Ethan Elias I reached out to a different voice in the clubhouse.Continue reading “ECBC Connor Burns Interview”

Edmonton Wildcats Coach Darcy Park Interview

“The Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL)provides the opportunity for young men aged 17 to 22 to participate in highly competitive post-high school football that is unique in Canada. The goal of the league is to foster community involvement and yield a positive environment by teaching discipline, perseverance and cooperation. The benefits of the league areContinue reading “Edmonton Wildcats Coach Darcy Park Interview”