Edmonton Sr B Warriors Draft Review

“We saw an opportunity in this year’s draft to select players who would make an immediate impact to our team. We looked at ways we can make our team better in every area of the game and we felt we accomplished that,” Head Coach Jordan Wheaton of the Edmonton Sr B Warriors confidently states. WheatonContinue reading “Edmonton Sr B Warriors Draft Review”

Alberta Series Lacrosse Miners Draft Review

Here’s a quote from Alberta Series Lacrosse Miners General Manager Jordan Cornfield from earlier this year, “Typically, players who we draft are players we can see building our future on. We like to draft character guys who understand process in building a successful team. Most of the time they won’t immediately jump into our lineContinue reading “Alberta Series Lacrosse Miners Draft Review”

Beaumont Sr B Outlaws Draft Review

On Thursday March 11th, Alberta Series Lacrosse held their 2021 draft. The night began with a trade and ended with the three northern Alberta teams feeling presumably a tad more confident about their respective Clubs’ depth. This article will look specifically at the Beaumont Outlaws. The big aforementioned trade that started draft night was betweenContinue reading “Beaumont Sr B Outlaws Draft Review”