Asking a Lacrosse Goaltender Some Obvious Questions

At what point do you openly volunteer to have a vulcanized rubber ball shot at you? How do you mindfully choose to step in front of hard shot instead of stepping side? Surely I cannot be the only person with those questions when it comes watching a goaltender play lacrosse. I was able to askContinue reading “Asking a Lacrosse Goaltender Some Obvious Questions”

Richard Lachlan, Sr B Miners Leading Scorer And Jr A Miners Assistant Coach

“Certainly not to be undermined, but anytime you can bring in assistants like John (Lintz) did in the likes of the “best defensive player in the world “ in Ryan Dilks and one of the purest goal scorers in the game today in Richard Lachlan, the Miners have set themselves up for success and gettingContinue reading “Richard Lachlan, Sr B Miners Leading Scorer And Jr A Miners Assistant Coach”

An Interview With A Literal Lacrosse Twitter Warrior

If your team name is the Edmonton Sr. B Warriors and you run the team’s Twitter account, that literally makes you a “lacrosse Twitter Warrior”. That’s your explanation for the title. This will not be an interview featuring “hot takes” normally associated with the term “twitter warrior”. This is about fun! Something I believe weContinue reading “An Interview With A Literal Lacrosse Twitter Warrior”