What if the NLL and RMLL seasons run parallel to each other?

The National Lacrosse League (NLL) typically plays December through May. With their 2020 season truncated,the league recently released a statement about the 2021 season beginning the weekend of April 9th to 11th. The Alberta Series Lacrosse regular season schedule typically plays from April through July. Obviously, if all things go accordingly to plan, this willContinue reading “What if the NLL and RMLL seasons run parallel to each other?”

Jordan Wheaton, New Edmonton Sr B Warriors General Manager

A General Manager change in any sport is a big deal. Heading into the 2021 season, the Edmonton Sr B Warriors will have Jordan Wheaton taking the reigns as the General Manager of their Club. Wheaton’s off-floor commitments will be added to his on-floor commitments as he plans to continue playing for the Warriors. NotContinue reading “Jordan Wheaton, New Edmonton Sr B Warriors General Manager”

Asking a Lacrosse Goaltender Some Obvious Questions

At what point do you openly volunteer to have a vulcanized rubber ball shot at you? How do you mindfully choose to step in front of hard shot instead of stepping side? Surely I cannot be the only person with those questions when it comes watching a goaltender play lacrosse. I was able to askContinue reading “Asking a Lacrosse Goaltender Some Obvious Questions”